Nagasaki Day and Other Random Thoughts

I feel kinda bad for Nagasaki.  You would think having an atomic bomb dropped on your would bring you a certain amount of notariety.  But kind of like the second man to walk on the moon (anybody?  anybody? Buzz Aldrin.), poor Nagasaki will always be the forgotten city.  But just remember this: Japan didn’t surrender after Hiroshima; it took Nagasaki for the emperor to come crawling on his knees begging MacArthur for mercy.

In other news, I’m settling in here in Minnesota.  Still no job but I’m workin’ on it.  The girlfriend is happy, the dogs are happy, so all in all things are going pretty well.

Last week we drove to downtown St. Paul to try an Italian place the girlfriend had heard good things about.  I love Italian food.  Maybe it’s because of The Godfather, but I’m pretty sure I could live on pasta indefinitely.  Unfortunately, this place was average at best.  But the good news is they make an excellent cannoli.

So the night wasn’t a total loss.  If I can find some Chicago style pizza this place might be liveable.

Lastly, fantasy football is coming up fast.  I admit I’m woefully unprepared this year.  Haven’t done the hours of research and numbers-crunching I usually do.  But most importantly, I need a new team name for my Minnesota-based franchise.  Any ideas?  Something about frozen wastelands or 10,000 algae-covered lakes, or mosquitos as big as small birds.  I’m open to suggestions.


  1. A great cannoli can make up for a lot of sins!

  2. I’m sorry were you too busy not working to research fantasy?

    • I agree! considering your (un)employment status you should rule the league.

      p.s. you know we just kid and wish you fast and lucrative employment 🙂

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