I Am Not a Racist (I’m Just an Asshole)

It has been brought to my attention recently that the title of my blog could be construed as racist. So I’d like to take this time to set the record straight.

The inspiration for the title comes from old fashioned personal ads. Those of you old enough to remember the days before internet dating (or those of you that have seen crappy old romantic comedies) will recall that people used to place ads in the newspaper with messages like “Single white male seeks…” or “Divorced black female seeks…”

You may or may not also be aware that when gay people placed personal ads they would often say something like “Single white male seeks same.” So, taking these conventions as inspiration, I tailored my own unique twist and came up with “Single White Alcoholic Seeks Same.”


For the record, I am not gay, I am not racist, and for the last nine months I haven’t even been single. (I was single when I started my writings; now I’m using “single” in the more liberal sense, as in “not married.”  Pray I don’t ever have to change this blog to “The Neutered White Alcoholic!”) 

The “white” part just fit with the theme of an old-fashioned personal ad.  It’s just a name I came up with. It sounded funny when I thought it up so I went with it.  I have no issues with any race.  I’ve drank with Mexicans, had sex with Asians, and I’ll be voting for a black man in 2012.

You got a problem with that?

On a separate note, today is the Marine Corps’ 236th birthday.  For those of you keeping track at home, the Marine Corps is actually a year older than the United States.  That’s right, they not only protect the good ol’ U S of A, they basically created it!  In honor of the finest soldiers in the world, I present you with a hot girl in USMC bodypaint:

And a hot girl taking off a Marine uniform:

And, finally, what I think is an actual, real-life Marine.  At the risk of making light of all our soldiers do, I would totally go to war with this girl!

Semper Fi all of you.