A Quick Shout Out

I have a new favorite TV show.  It’s called Drinking Made Easy.

It’s a little hard to find, airing on the HDNet Channel.  If you have Direct TV it’s on channel 306; if you have Dish Network I think it’s channel 362; if you have something else you’ll have to check and see if you have it.

Basically, these guys Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna drive around the country visiting different cities and taking in the different drinking cultures.  But this isn’t high-brow and sophisticated stuff; nope, it always ends up in the guys (especially McKenna) getting wasted.  Along the way they introduce the viewer to unique drinks and engage in juvenile games and pranks.

But the best part of the show is Pleepleus.  Here’s the official write-up on the show’s mascot:

Pleepleus is a stuffed monkey and Zane’s main travel companion so he does not have to drink alone…

The easiest way to turn Drinking Made Easy into a drinking game is to look for Pleepleus.  Either the life size costume, or the stuffed monkey (the hardest one to find, as they hide him), or if you really want to get wasted, Pleepleus logos on clothing.

There’s a list of other drinking rules on the website if you want to make it really challenging.  Or, if you just want to see some different places in the country and get some ideas for new drinks (the Scorpion at the Peppermill Casino in Las Vegas would be a perfect addition to Hookers And Booze’s Girlie Drink of the Week) you can skip the drinking game and just watch the show.

But what fun would that be?



  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I have DirectTV and will certainly give it a shot.

    Have you ever watched Top Gear on BBC America? The banter between the 3 hosts is fucking hysterical.

    • Yes, I’ve caught it a few times, quite entertaining. Unfortunately, since I entered into a co-habitation arrangement with the gf I’ve had to prioritize my TV watching. After Sabres games I don’t have time for much more besides Justified and Drinking Made Easy!

  2. I’m feeling the need to look for this show… 😉

  3. We have it on DVR now. I feel like we have seen it. I think it was called “Three Sheets” before. I remember him going to Costa Rica (where we went on our honeymoon) and he drank the native drink Cacique or “Guaro”. The drink is affectionally called the “gringo killer” by the natives. They claim it is make with nitroglycerin and sugar cane. I never claimed to be a chemist, but I do not think that would be safe. For only being 60 proof it sure does pack a punch. Either way, here is a the only link that I could find to the episode: http://www.hulu.com/watch/12698/three-sheets-costa-rica

    • You are correct, Three Sheets was his first show. That one was more international in flavor, where Drinking Made Easy is so far all American cities (although there are rumors of a trip across the border to Vancouver in coming episodes).

  4. Here is another link to the Costa Rica episode if for some reason Hulu is being a bitch.


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