My Xmas List is Complete

I’ll be working my ass off the next couple days before heading home for Christmas, so you may not hear from me for awhile.  So, in no particular order, here’s what I’d like for Christmas:

–It’s the the drinking roulette wheel!  Shots for all!  Everyone wins!

–Peace in the Middle East.  (And by “peace” I mean Israel kicking the shit out of all their murdering ass-backwards neighbors.)

–Someone to hold at night.

–A playmate for my dog Patton.

Patton is a lab-heeler mix we got from the shelter. She's a little mischievous but the best dog ever.

–To meet this girl.

–The NCAA to give us our mascots back.

–Hollywood to make movies like they used to.  (I love it when asshole Americans save the world.)

–And a new bicycle.

Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. I’m all for the “Peace in the ME” solution. I hope this new year they tell Obama to go to hell, and take matters into their own hands. Unleashed, Israel would be beyond formidable.

    And I ♥ your dog! She looks like mine:

    Mine is a part lab, part staffordshire mix. Wouldn’t say boo to a goose if he came at her 🙂

    • Oh, yeah, Patton is a big wuss too. One time I came home and startled her, she actually ran over my girlfriend trying to get behind her!

  2. I like the shot roulette wheel. But does that mean you drink alone while playing with yourself?

  3. Crazy enough but we know someone in the morehead picture. Unfortunately not the one you want to meet…


  5. In the Morehead pic…who’s hand is that? Is someone being stomped on begging for help?

    • I think it’s the chick standing next to her rolling her eyes.

  6. […] Single White Alcoholic Seeks Same had a great Christmas Wish List. Now I’m wishing I had seen it before Christmas. […]

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