An Innocent Girl

My friend BJ wrote her first blog not too long ago:

I tell you this because there will be more from BJ in the near future.  You see, BJ and I go way back.  In the near future I will tell you about her friend the Mormon Stalker, who I made the dreadful mistake of sleeping with.  And, if you read BJ’s blog, you’ll see that she is quite a sweet and innocent girl from Middle of Nowhere, Idaho.  But unlike most sheltered, innocent girls, BJ isn’t afraid to try new things.  In fact, she approached me once about wanting to learn to deep throat.  So, being the kind and gentlemanly guy that I am, I offered up my penis for her to practice on for a weekend.  Helluva guy, huh?

But more on that later.  For now, just enjoy her blog.  Who knows, maybe someday I’ll give her a guest author spot….



  1. How hard can the “deep throat” concept be? That’s as lame as “come here often?”

  2. Oh Country, you’re so judgmental. BJ grew up in Mormon society so she was a little slower in her sexual awakening than you. But can you honestly say you were an expert deep throater in your early days? Have a little compassion, and give the girl credit for wanting to better herself!

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