Last Day

Cleaning out the desk.

Removing incriminating documents from the computer.

Going to sign my meager severance papers in about an hour.

All in all, not a bad day.

Looks like I’ll be here in Utah for about another month loading up the moving truck.  I intend to start living the Jersey Shore lifestyle.  GTL every day.  Gym-Tan-Laundry.  And play with the dogs.  Sounds like a pretty good life for the short term.

Thanks to all for the kind words and support.  I’ll be in touch.



  1. Well said. Good luck to you in your job hunt. I look forward to your posts about your GTL lifestyle.

    • Oh and my party is July 14. Come by.. Have some drinks… Use the inflatable slip and slide and bring your resume. 🙂

  2. GTL lifestyle?? I’m still laughing 😀

    You can drive by here on your way to O’Shea’s, you know. I mean, I know he has an epic bar and all, but I have the Alamo.

    Not really “have”, but you know what I mean!!

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