Size Matters

I once slept with consecutive girls who said I was the biggest they’d ever had. (Note: I did not solicit this information, it was what the courts would call an “excited utterance.”  I don’t make a habit of asking girls how I measure up to their previous relations, I swear.) 

But the first girl was Asian and the other Mormon so I didn’t put too much stock in it.  I mean, we’ve all heard the stories of Asian men being hung like a light switch.  And let’s face it, don’t Mormon guys just seem like they’d be packing 4 inches or less?


But then the next girl I hooked up with gushed over my size as well, and suddenly my ego was bursting through the roof.  I held my head a little higher, I had a strut in my step, utterly proud of my manliness.

By my next conquest my arrogance had reached unprecedented heights.  In the middle of our coupling, a little drunk and a lot full of myself, I made some reference to my “huge cock.”  To which she responded, “Yeah, you’re decent…”


Rest assured, my ego has returned to a “decent” size….


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  1. This is a late comment, but I had to share.

    I laughed out loud when I read this story.

    I now know too much about things I shouldn’t know….


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