And the Winner is….

The winner of this year’s Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Challenge is none other than my dear friend CountryWe won’t speak about how I did in the standings.

Those of you who have read some of Country’s exploits will no doubt already know why I love her.  (I’ve often referred to her as the big-breasted younger sister I never had.)  This is the woman who set me up on a blind date for her wedding with the infamous and amazing Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (who, incidentally, still won’t let me write about her).

But now, knowing that she is also the master of all football knowledge in the universe, how can you not think she’s the perfect woman?  I may hire her as a consultant for my fantasy football team next year.

Sorry guys: alas, she is already married, and to a man that can kick most of your asses.  So you’ll just have to dream of being so lucky.  But don’t worry, I’ll give you just a hint of her beauty to set your fantasies off.  (I had to scour through my old MySpace account to find this pic, so you fuckers better be grateful!)



  1. Oh, she’s perfect 😀

    Bested by a girl, huh? Well, I don’t feel bad! HAHAHAHA!!!

    • I was bested by EVERYONE this year! I blame it on my gf, she doesn’t like college football so that negatively impacted my viewing this year.

      Oh well, hockey season is here!!!

  2. Your Myspace account is still active?? Do we need to change the name of the blog to Single White Alcoholic Seeks 14 year olds!


      And, oy…

    • Not gonna lie, I still hold a candle for MySpace. Refer back to my very first post. I say a little prayer to Tim Tebow every night that one day Facebook will die and MySpace will return us to the glory days of strippers, porn stars and fake profiles.

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