This Day in History

Today, June 19th,  is a great day in American history.  Anybody know why?  First person to comment with the correct answer gets the respect and admiration (and public acknowledgement) of the Single White Alcoholic.

I’ll give you a hint: we killed someone…



  1. My first thought was Saddam Hussein. However after some research I was proven wrong. I give up and need a second hint, perhaps a year or decade…

    • You people are really disappointing me.

      Think 1950’s.

      • I think I’ve got it! The Rosenbergs, spy’s for leaking the atomic bomb information…

  2. BINGO! Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed at Sing-Sing prison 6/19/53. They, along with every other pinko commie in the world, proclaimed their innocence, but when the KGB archives finally opened after the fall of the USSR in the 90’s it was all confirmed. Good riddance!

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