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I’m being lazy today.  What the hell, it’s my birthday and I feel more like drinking than blogging.  So, for your reading/viewing pleasure, a collection of photos I’ve used for my header to date, and some possible future headers.  Let me know which ones you like best.  Or send me pics you think would make a great header.

The classic: I stole this one off some random girl’s MySpace page about 6 years ago.  No idea who she was or how I stumbled upon it, but I absolutely love this pic.  Anybody know what city that is?  I’m guessing Tampa or Miami.

 Another pic I stole from an unwitting female.  I actually know this girl, sort of, but she has no idea I “committed the robbery” as they say on Jersey Shore.

Here’s a classic shot of the Hindenberg disaster.  I often use this for my logo when I play fantasy sports, ’cause that’s usually how my teams wind up.  It’s also an excellent metaphor for most of my hook-ups (such as The Girl With the Glasses).

The perfect sentiment for March Madness.  Too bad my bracket was ruined shortly after St. Patrick’s Day this season.

How can you not love tanning booths???  They make girls dark and sexy.  It’s on my bucket list to have sex in a tanning booth someday.  I’ll probably wind up with a massive sunburn on my bald head (not to mention my bare ass), but it will be totally worth it.

And now, some possible future headline pics.  Let me know which ones you like best.

This one isn’t really up for debate.  It WILL be up during the Sabres playoff run.  (Not to worry, it will probably only last about 10 days.)

Morbid?  Yes.  Disgusting?  You bet.  A true reflection of my violently jingoistic, pro-American, pro-military, pro-killing-people-who-disagree-with-me stance?  Abso-fucking-lutely.

I’ll have to do some cropping to make him fit, but how can you not love Pearl Jam’s Alive guy?

Once again, patriotism (and blond girls) rule the day.

Need I say more?  There just aren’t enough girls like this out there.

It’s not often I promote anything positive with regards to a country not named the good ol’ U S of A, and even less often that I will have anything nice to say about the sport of soccer.  But this World Cup poster for England caused a huge stir in the Muslim world.  Apparently they thought the cross was a rallying cry for a new Crusade.  To which I can only respond: I wish!

Raise your hand if you love nipple rings!!

Studies have shown that 99% of men only watch beach volleyball for the girls in bikinis.  And although I am a big volleyball fan, and a big fan of Kerri Walsh’s game, I have to admit I still probably fall into that category.



  1. Well Happy Birthday! I still love the tanning booth pic. It’s my favorite so far. 🙂

  2. Nice post. It is perfect for those of us with ADD. Nipple rings and the Alive guy, wonderful! Hope you have great birthday.

  3. Where the hell is your favorite shirt I ever wore pic?

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