Drinking isn’t something you do with other activities.  Drinking is something you do, period.

I don’t drink when I eat.  I don’t come home after work and have a beer. I don’t drink it for the taste, I drink to get drunk.  I don’t belive in moderation.  If I can only have one I’d rather have a Mountain Dew or a Vitamin Water.  Likewise, if I’m having a good meal I’d rather savor the meal with a better tasting beverage.  A big meal will kill my buzz anyway.

I don’t drink when I watch sports, unless it’s a game I truly don’t care about.  When my teams are playing I’m focused like the ninja.  Alcohol is like a jealous girlfriend, she doesn’t like to be shared.  She demands your full attention, and anything more complicated than beer pong will not be tolerated.  When I drink the booze is priority number one.  Everything else is peripheral.



  1. Oddly I completely agree with this. Outside of a glass of wine, which I justifly as good for my heart so have 2, I don’t drink unless I am DRINKING. Never have I poured 1 vodka tonic just cause. I pour them to get drunk.

    Well played on this post SWASS!!!

  2. I complete agree with this. Drinking while eating doesn’t work. You can’t serve two masters. I drink to get drunk.

  3. I totally disagree with this. As a former drink to get drunk kind of guy, I found as I got older, I can have a beer with dinner, or after I mow the lawn or when I come home from work.
    Since I built my bar, I have become a bit of a beer snob and will not allow piss water beers such as bud and bud light or Coors Light to ever be tapped into my kegerator. I currently have Killian’s Red(7.5%) on tap.

    • I’m a vodka and gin guy myself, to me all beer is pretty nasty so when I do drink beer I go for the most watered down stuff I can find. To each their own!

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