My First Thanksgiving


Obviously this isn’t actually my first Thanksgiving, but it kind of feels that way.  See, since I left my home state of Illinois after college for the sunny beaches of San Diego 12 years ago, I’ve pretty much been on my own every Thanksgiving.  I have some distant relatives out that direction that I’d occasionally drive out to spend the day with, but for the most part (and certainly since I moved to End Of The World, Utah), Thanksgiving for me has consisted of lying around in my underwear with a microwave turkey dinner, watching football and generally having as little interaction with the outside world as possible.

But this will be my first Thanksgiving in co-habitation.  And Thanksgiving is the girlfriend’s favorite holiday, so it’s going to be a big deal.  In addition to having to wear pants (which I am not happy about), I’m going to have to entertain guests, help in the kitchen AND keep the coolers stocked with beer and ice.  I’m not sure I’m ready for all this.  Might need to pick up a bottle of vodka and maybe a porno to make it through the day…

(Note: I know I tend to make light of my relationship with the girlfriend, but just to give you a small idea of why I love her, here’s her explanation of why Thanksgiving is her favorite day of the year: “Beer, turkey and football!  What’s not to love???”)

So, in attempt to get in the Thanksgiving spirit, I’m going to make a small list of just some of the things I’m thankful for.  Hope you enjoy!

–I’m thankful for a full day of football.  Some great matchups too:  Cowboys-Dolphins, Ravens-49ers, and Lions-FudgePackers.  But as great as the NFL is, and three games will be a blast, I’m most excited about the Texas-Texas A&M matchup.  As if this game needed anything more to heat up the rivalry, A&M bolting for the SEC ought to kick this one up even another notch.  I have no particular rooting interest in this one, just looking forward to a great game highlighting the passion and intensity that puts college football head and shoulders above the NFL.

A&M will fit in with the Southern Belles of the SEC quite nicely

–I know it’s cliché, but I’m thankful for our military and the job they do for us every single day.  I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but the only thing I ever wanted to be when I was growing up was a United States Marine.  But then, when I was 16 years old a terrible thing happened: Bill Clinton was elected President.  In my young mind this was the most horrific thing that could ever occur, and the prospect of serving under a draft dodger turned my stomach.  So, when I didn’t get the ROTC scholarship I was up for, I basically gave up on a military career.  In retrospect, this was the biggest mistake of my life.  Letting one douchebag President affect my entire life, my devotion to my country, goes well beyond the realm of “teenage mistake” and into full-on stupidity.  So now I can never say I served my country, I can only thank others who have.  And so I must make a special thank you to all those who continue to serve under our current President, who makes us all long for the days of good ol’ Billy Bob…

–I’m thankful for The Walking Dead, without a doubt the best show on TV since The Shield finished up a few years back.  I’ve never been a horror movie fan, I don’t typically enjoy zombies or any of that stuff.  But Walking Dead is so well written, and does such a good job of showing the human side of a post-apocalyptic world, that I literally can’t stop watching.  If you aren’t watching yet check it out on AMC Sunday nights.

–And lastly, I’m thankful to The Feral Irishman for introducing me to Jordan Carver.  (Even though I’m slightly miffed he beat me to the punch on my “Chesty Girl Basting a Turkey” pic at the top of this post.)  Are you kidding me????  I’ve never been real big on breast size (I’m a shape man myself), but holy shit those things are impressive!  I’d also like to point out that, after staring at her boobs pictures for about four days I also realized that she has a very pretty face.  Check out Irishman’s blog for lots more pics, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed Jordan as much as I do! HA

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving.. and don’t drink tooooo much 😉


  2. Here is a little thanksgiving gift to you 😉

  3. Awwww, thanks for the A&M shoutout 😀

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    • Sorry for your loss, I found myself pulling for you even though I have no rooting interest. I think it’s the military background of A&M that gives them a soft spot in my heart.

      I have a good friend who went to Baylor and he despises A&M more than anyone anywhere. I’m always surprised he didn’t hate Texas more considering how bad they beat Baylor while he was in school there, but his hatred is served solely for the Aggies. Weird.

      • Maybe it’s the mascots. I mean, why would you hate a doped up ball-less cow, when you can hate a beautiful Collie who just loves to aggravate the visiting team??

        It’s not like Baylor has a real bear 😉

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Amigo!

    Oh, I must email you a story our Seal friend told us about Clinton. It somewhat fits with your story and is pretty funny…

    Anyway… Have a great day & weekend!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving bro! I haved added Walking Dead to the Tivo. I lost a month of my life because of The Wire (which was well worth it).

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