Gay Marriage

I only have two rules when it comes to this blog:

#1- Stay away from politics.


#2- When breaking Rule #1, hit ‘em hard with ultra-conservatism.  The kind of right-wing vitriol that would make Joseph McCarthy blush and say, “Dude, don’t you think you’re going a little far?”

But I’m about to break both of my rules.

I am a proud supporter of gay marriage.  And although our esteemed President recently made his pro-gay marriage stance for purely political reasons (which appear to be backfiring on him as I write this), I still applaud him.  (For those of you keeping track at home, this is the first and probably last time I will ever applaud Mr. Obama.)

Gay marriage should be a no-brainer for conservatives.  We’re supposed to be the party of small government; you know, staying out of people’s lives, allowing individuals to pursue their own happiness just so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.  We’re supposed to want the government out of our bedrooms, out of our religious institutions, out of our personal and private choices.

The really sad thing to me is that gays should be one of our most loyal voting blocs.  Considering that the same Muslims who want to kill every one of us for being infidels also think homosexuality is such a sin against Allah that it’s worthy of death.  Homosexuality is a crime in every predominantly Muslim country in the world (with the exception of Turkey I believe).  It is a death penalty offense in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Mauritania and the Chechen Republic.  And just who is going to stand up and fight for the rights of innocent gays in these countries?  Liberals?  I think not.  Only true freedom-loving conservatives have shown the willingness over the past 70 years to stand up to tyranny and fight for the oppressed.  Gays should be lining up to support those conservatives who stand against the Islamic fascists.

But instead we shun gays.  We turn them away because they don’t fit into our quaint notions of morality.  It’s the height of hypocrisy.  The Bible also says eating shellfish is an abomination (Leviticus 11:10), but I haven’t heard any outcries for preventing shrimp eaters from living their lives.  I think lawyers, Democrats and Green Bay Packer fans are moral degenerates destined for eternal damnation, but you don’t see me trying to pass laws against their existence.  Live and let live, just so long as they stay the fuck off my lawn.

And so it should be with gays.  If you don’t like gays, good for you.  Don’t let them in your house, your church, your social club.  But how in the hell does their getting married have any impact whatsoever on your insignificant little life?  What’s that you say, it’s going to destroy the sanctity of marriage?  As if, like giving diplomas to unworthy students lessens the value of a university’s degree, gay marriage is going to somehow lessen the value of your marriage certificate?  As a single, never married man, let me express my humble opinion here: If your own marriage means anything more to you than your own personal bond between you and your spouse then you’ve entirely missed the point.

Legalizing gay marriage won’t mean you have to like gays.  It won’t mean your church will have to recognize gays or perform gay weddings in their hallowed halls.  What it will mean is that gay spouses will be able to make the same decisions and receive the same benefits that straight spouses do.  If anyone can tell me how that will change your life I’m all ears.

You can never have too many lesbians