Welcome a New Blogger

The blogging community is really something special.  You meet some amazing people you would never get a chance to in any other circumstances.

Fellow blogger, conservative, drunk and all around great lady LC Aggie Sith recently introduced me to a new blog, and if you love in-depth analysis of football then you will absolutely love it.  Give it a look when you get a chance:

A Historian’s Perspective of Football

He’s got some great insights into the game, backed up by some super-nerdy stats that I just love.  He also mentioned in his intro that he hates the spread offense, so he’s got instant credibility in my book.

And now, because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave you with a pic of a girl in a bikini… here you go!



  1. Appreciate the intro. Those nerdy stats take time to dig up, and I’m happy someone mentioned them. And I do believe that spread offenses are a creeping dark force that threatens everything that makes America great.

  2. Uh, that girl is NOT in a bikini. She’s spilling out of it 😉

    Also, ArmedGeek is the drunk. I’m the one that classes up the joint!

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