Dedicating this post to my former supervisor.  The one who convinced me to pack up my life and move to End Of The World, UT almost six years ago.  The one who then sold out to a new AD and became his yes man for a few extra bucks.  The one who told me I was being laid off and promptly left for a two week vacation in Paris, leaving me behind to try and figure out what to do with my life, my girlfriend and my two dogs.

For some reason the nickname Vichy seems fitting for her, no?

One of my favorite authors is Philip Kerr.  His Bernie Gunther novels are second to none.  The story of a German police officer and PI, a fervant anti-Nazi stuck in the middle of the Third Reich, make for some of the best hard-boiled detective stories around.  I was reading his next-to-latest work, Field Gray, yesterday, and I came across this quote.  (Remember, it’s a piece of fiction, so I’m not actually crediting Reinhard Heydrich with an inspirational quote!)

“It’s always disappointing when one discovers that one has been betrayed.  But in a sense it’s liberating, too.  It serves as a reminder that ultimately one can only ever truly rely on oneself.”

Words to live by for sure.  This one’s for you, Vichy.


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  1. Weird…when I saw the title, I knew you were writing about a woman.

    Also, I hope she gets the French Pox while she’s over there.

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